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Walla Walla Projects

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Walla Walla Community College


WWCC Information Literacy Program (Or at least a plan)


Authentic Assessment Projects - 2009



Composition courses at WWCC have traditionally invited librarians for "one off" sessions. Librarians give introductions to specific tools and rely on instructors to assess comprehension. The focus of this project was to work with two faculty members who teach composition courses in order to comingle library instruction and assessment. The overall goal was to introduce specific lessons and assessments to improve student comprehension of research within the writing process.


Proposal & Report (2009) Supporting Documents

Project One



Project Two





Project One 

Search strategies lecture and example, printed materials lecture, evaluate resources handout and curriculum, Database searching lesson.

Project Two

Selecting quotes and developing ideas lesson, citation lesson and worksheet idea, choosing a good read lesson and worksheet


Proposal & Report 2010 Supporting Documents

Walla Walla CC IL Grant Proposal 2010: Teaching IL to IBEST Nursing Assistance Program: we worked together to integrate the idea that resume preparing and work files are a version of information literacy. Students met with a librarian four times during the spring quarter 2010.

Mini-Grant Report, 2009


Resume Data List for Students

Resume Worksheet



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