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North Seattle Projects

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North Seattle Community College


IL Workshop Nov 18, 2011

Panel Presentation sideshow

Dipping Into Immersion - Program Track - Summer 2011


Working DRAFT Information Literacy Strategic Plan 

Rising Juniors - IL for Transfer Students - 2011





Authentic Assessment Projects - 2010



Project 1:

Students in this ABE Math class, levels 1-3, learned to find math resources to supplement their in-class textbook.  Students developed information literacy skills to critically evaluate and apply appropriate resources.  Students integrated these skills to become self-directed and independent learners.


Project 2:

Students in this level 6 integrated skills ESL class, which is the final ESL level at NSCC, identified potential career paths and educational goals in order to create a plan for themselves. Over the course of this class they learned to keep track of their resources, create an annotated bibliography, and finally select their best resources and synthesize their findings in a reflection essay answering five questions.


Proposal & Report  Supporting Documents 

ABE 1-3: Math



Study guide directions 


Assignment example

Student example 




ESL 6: Career Goals



Assignments, assessment tools & related documents (links)

Class web site




Authentic Assessment Projects - 2009



Project 1: Students in this Level 4 (intermediate) Integrated Skills ESL class learned about the resources and services offered by our library in order to find, check out, and renew books for their class reading assignments and book-review project.  Students were also asked to extend their learning beyond the NSCC Library and learn about services and resources at other libraries. 


Project 2: International students in this low-intermediate ESL class learned to search for, evaluate, and select level-appropriate ESL grammar web sites. Students first learned to search the Internet using keywords. Each group then needed to find one appropriate grammar website. At the end of the project, student pairs presented their selected website to a group of peers and instructors, and justified its selection based on evaluation criteria they learned during this project.


Proposal & Report Supporting Documents

 Report 1: ESL4A





Student Book Reviews on Display


Report 2: IESL3 





ESL4A: Learning about libraries




IESL3: Web evaluation






Surveys (Survey Monkey links)



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