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Bellingham Projects

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Faculty Reading 85 Rubric.docx

Bellingham Technical College


Authentic Assessment Projects




Proposal & Report Supporting Documents

Bellingham1_ILGrantProjectProposal2009 Vet Tech.docBellingham2_ILGrantProjectProposal2009 Dev Reading.doc 

Mini-Grant-Report_spring2009_Bellingham Technical College.doc  (revised 8/11/2009)



Reading 85 Assignment.docx

Reading 85 Student Rubric 1.docx

Faculty Reading 85 Rubric.docx





Proposal/Report                                                                     Supporting Documents                                 

Bellingham Mini-Grant Proposal Spring 2010 

Bellingham Mini-Grant Report Spring 2010





Pre-Assessment & Results


Pre-Assessment Results


Week 1: Library Orientation & Vocabulary 

Library Vocabulary Picture

Library Vocabulary

How to Check Out a Book

Library Scaveger Hunt


Week 2: Student Network & Student Email

Student Network

Student Email


Week 3: Google Searching

Internet Vocabulary 

Finding Keywords

Indentifying Keywords


Week 4: DDCS & Call Numbers & LC Subject Headings


DDCS Assignment 

Searching Online Catalog


Week 5: CultureGrams

CultureGrams Assignment


Week 6: Web Evaluation

Web Evaluation Criteria

Web Evaluation - WHO

Web Evaluation - Cybertan


Week 7: Career Search

Thinking About Your Future Career

Mapping Your Future


Compare Career Websites


Week 8: Group Capstone Project: Research a Career

Using ProQuest

Final Group Project


Post-Assessment & Results


Post-Assessment Results


Other Data

Student Feedback - Check Out a Book




Proposal/Report               Supporting Documents   

BTC-BIOL&160 General Biology rev.pptx 

BTC-BIOL&160Reading and Understanding a Scientific Research Article.docx  

BTCBIOL160-They Say I Say_Research.doc

BTC-CHEM&121-Historical Chemists.docx

BTCBIOL&241-2 A&P Paper.doc





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